the imposter

I don’t have much to offer you from here in Taiwan. I have a routine now, but it hardly brings anything to the table. Literally. Aside from the fact that my current residence doesn’t actually have a table but only a desk, I can’t even post the cute pictures of muffins and other assorted delicacies that I’ve been known to cook up from time to time.

Because we also don’t have a kitchen.

Sure, I’ll make a sandwich or eat a yoghurt. I might even enjoy it. But you couldn’t want to know about that, could you? As mentioned previously, I’ve often considered documenting my culinary expeditions, Taiwan, after all, has some of the tastiest bites in the east, but that’s just he problem, isn’t it? You see, my stomach and my mouth seem to have an agreement, of which my brain is oblivious. As, usually, the food is somewhere between the two scheming organs before I ever think of taking a snap. But perhaps it’s for the best, I don’t think I could maintain a blog about food.

I hardly know any adjectives.

This is also a problem. As for every word I don’t know in English there exists a subsequent word I don’t know in Chinese alongside the one or two characters used to write it.


可是有问题。你不会说中文。所以,你现在用谷歌翻译。Never mind.

I should also note for my Chinese speaking friends, that the above paragraphs were written to be understood by Google Translate, and my Chinese grammar, while still poor, is not quite that atrocious.