dong lai cha vs. bing nai cha

On my last trip to Taiwan, I hadn’t really thought about the endless debate amongst tea enthusiast in the Asia-Pacific region. Now, when I say Asia-Specifically I mean Hong Kong and Taiwan and their respective ‘dong lai cha’ and ‘bing nai cha’, which essentially means ‘Iced Milk Tea’, often served in ridiculously large, 700mL sealed cups, containing little, chewy black beads; also known as pearls.

This past year means I’m already likely to lean towards favouring Hong Kong’s contender for best iced-beverage (having uttered ‘dong lai cha’ at least 7 times a week), and after Alex recently pointed out that the Taiwanese favour powdered milk as their source of lactose compared to the good ol’ fashion sweetened-condensed variety, I was reassured in my decision.

Now, I’m not saying Taiwan has nothing to offer in the way of hot-then-cold liquids steeped in picked-and-dried goodness, a.k.a iced tea, but it is most certainly supplied by another avenue.

Hong Kong: 1; Taiwan: 0

The everlasting battle continues…

I’ll stick to buckets of green tea for now.