bikie lads

00:01 8th February 2014

Broseph and I are making our way, slowly but surely, across the land of the rising sun. A mere 3 full days across Osaka, Nara & Kyoto seems like a week already. The reason?

Let’s see.


I’ve been let down in the past by weary travellers reluctant &/or too lazy to do more than is expected of a tourist. They see past all benefit of taking the slow path, a walk perhaps, over taking a cab. They have no problem seeing a city as it speeds by from a car or train window, oblivious to their presence like it’s always done, I suppose. Ironically, their destination? A place the locals never visit anyway.


But I’ve found a like minded individual. I underestimated, or perhaps forgot, my brother’s walking prowess, afterall, he too is the son of my father. Even at 2 degrees in the snow we’d ditch the train for a stroll down a lane we’d never been & almost certainly never visit again, or maybe we’d hit up a bicycle, it could have two gears or one, dodge the local deer and make our way up a mountain, just to ride down again.


We could sit outside a temple we stumbled upon late one night and enjoy a beer and a cigarette while discussing religion and politics.


All the these adventures combined to create a trip as long as it seems because that was just yesterday.




27/07/2013 21:02

So here I am on my final night in Shanghai. It felt close to a full revolution around the sun ago that we arrived here. It seemed a very different place then.

And what have I learnt?

  • How to cross the road, or rather,  how not to.
  • That you can practice more Chinese on a single 14 hour train journey than in one year in Australia.
  • China has many people. A lot. Like, the most, and they all have lives just like me.
  • Coco is important. You can order a drink with more stuff than liquid, but that’s irrelevant.
  • The blessing that is a southerly breeze in the evenings. Whether for coolness or smog removal.
  • Smoking is bad for your health.
  • You can sleep on a seat 3 times in week.
  • Sexy ladies cost about as much as a drink in a nice bar by the Wangpoo, but last only half as long.
  • I am relatively repulsive to mosquitos.
  • I can write a diary and you might be reading it.
  • Delirious euphoria is as entertaining as drunkenness and mush easier to sleep off.
  • Several delicious pork parts are overlooked in western cuisine.
  • The number of accents in this country is close to the number in the English-speaking world, and I understand none of them.
  • Drinking with some Xian lads in the hostel is good fun. We are about 5 6-packs deep, let’s see how I feel tomorrow.
  • China is alright.