Here I am at a crossroads.


It’s been a while since we last spoke. I guess I got caught up in the adventure. I managed to make it across another continent, filled with more beaches than snow luckily.


Now, I’m waiting for a bus to Cologne from Brussels, Eline and Tom were nice enough to let me stay the week there.


Funds are low but it makes it exciting; travel slow, cheap, sleep on couches, cook for myself, make friends over beers from the supermarket, I’m on a budget after all.


By this time next month I should know more, whether that be living in England or returning home to reality.


I may have made a mistake on my UK visa application, but that’s just part of the excitement too.


They always seem to treat me like a criminal at immigration there. Last time I was “detained” and my passport “retained”.


Not as scary as I thought, more embarrassing as I sat in the cordoned off area adjacent to where my fellow travelers were lining up for their stamps. I wonder what they thought I had done.


I have a theory that the Brits opinion of Australians is the same as some 200 years ago, i.e criminals.


Eventually I convinced them that my forefathers had paid their dues on that deserted island and they let me in.


So now I await their decision as to whether I can live and work there for the next two years.


I’m sure it will be an adventure either way.

Also, I might take up busking.