Train 3: Ulaanbaatar to Irkutsk

The next 4 train journeys will be “solo”. They are never solo for long, usually you’re only alone when you get on the train. A lot can happen before you get off.

It’s time to study up on my Russian.
– Isvenitsiye, bahnk ochine daleko?
– Excuse me, is the bank very far?
The usefulness of this phrase remains to be seen, but its all I have under my belt right now.

One hour in and I almost punched on with a drunk Mongolian dude. I had heard there was a drinking problem in Mongolia, perhaps I should have seen it coming from yesterday’s alcohol free day in Ulaanbaatar, but I’m glad its only surfaced now that I’m leaving the country.

I’ve only ever had one fight in my life. I was 14; I didn’t end up on top so I’ve since refrained from violence.

But this guy, after hassling some fellow Aussies down the hall, wouldn’t let me close my door. I may or may not have face palmed him but that was that. It’s strange that I spoke to him earlier as well, he asked to borrow my lighter.

The rest of the train journey was comparably uneventful.



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