Train 2: Beijing to Ulaanbaatar

26h 38m

It felt like an earthquake. Bottles toppled, cards flipped, passengers shaken.


Luckily, it wasn’t an earthquake and we didn’t spill our drinks either.


We spent a few hours last night in Erlian where they changed the wheels on the train. The fact Mongolia has adopted Russia’s system means you can’t just cruise on in from China.


The tracks widen, perhaps some kind of modern day Great Wall, separating the countries by inconvenience and bureaucracy instead of stone. It might be because Genghis never bothered to apply for a visa back in the day.


So now we are slowly travelling through the Gobi. Dirty yellow grass and grey skies on both sides as far as the eye can see.


There’s a fence, small but made of barbed wire. It’s been running parallel to the track since the last station, it might be the longest fence I’ve seen.


I’ve seen a bird and a hill too. I’ll keep you updated.


Thirty minutes later we spied camels. Double humped. Wild? We may never know; but they were certainly a highlight.



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