no men like snowmen

01:55 15th February 2014

I played in the snow today, like a little kid. Shovelled it like I was uncovering a lost treasure chest filled with many yen. It consumed my ankles then my knees, like quicksand, only to quickly melt and somehow become colder as it did.


We were just in the front yard clearing the air-conditioning unit so that it didn’t pump the white fluffy stuff around the house, or explode.

2014-02-08 15.50.59

I’ve gained some understanding of what my northern hemispherical friends mean now when they talk about winter. Dull, lifeless trees are contrasted with a layer of frosting, streets lined with layers of vanilla icecream.We made a snowman, he had a hat. He’ll be lucky to make it through the night, he has only the courage and brains that we gave him.


In Australia, it’s near the water: pool, beach or otherwise, where grown adults rediscover their childish, uninhibited nature that leads them to dunk a mate or splash or dig a big hole in the sand, just coz.


But here it’s snowballs and snowmen, a whole new world that falls upon your doorstep, sometimes when you least expect it and I don’t care if I never see it again.



bikie lads

00:01 8th February 2014

Broseph and I are making our way, slowly but surely, across the land of the rising sun. A mere 3 full days across Osaka, Nara & Kyoto seems like a week already. The reason?

Let’s see.


I’ve been let down in the past by weary travellers reluctant &/or too lazy to do more than is expected of a tourist. They see past all benefit of taking the slow path, a walk perhaps, over taking a cab. They have no problem seeing a city as it speeds by from a car or train window, oblivious to their presence like it’s always done, I suppose. Ironically, their destination? A place the locals never visit anyway.


But I’ve found a like minded individual. I underestimated, or perhaps forgot, my brother’s walking prowess, afterall, he too is the son of my father. Even at 2 degrees in the snow we’d ditch the train for a stroll down a lane we’d never been & almost certainly never visit again, or maybe we’d hit up a bicycle, it could have two gears or one, dodge the local deer and make our way up a mountain, just to ride down again.


We could sit outside a temple we stumbled upon late one night and enjoy a beer and a cigarette while discussing religion and politics.


All the these adventures combined to create a trip as long as it seems because that was just yesterday.