Justin read my palms today. Surprisingly, for the natural sceptic that I am, it was enticing, challenging. For as much as I didn’t believe, I wanted to. Some of what he said was off, but the things that were on were moving.

It felt comforting that the thoughts and feelings I’m still trying to reconcile could be empathised with by another person, not matter is the source of their advice is God or the stars or your palms.


This is encouraging for me for more than one reason: I used to be baffled by otherwise perfectly rational people dedication some portion of their life to some divine being, but I think we all do it innately, subconsciously, whether our rational minds like it or not. It’s also encouraged me to make the decisions to which I may have struggled to find a solution.

I’ve never felt a relationship with a higher power of God, but I can relate to other people. So I can relate to the words Justin said and the empathy and sincerity he said them with.




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