Face and Guanxi



Endless bitching got us out of this place, Chan Wu. It was just the beginning but it gathered enough momentum to relocate us downtown in a reasonable hotel.


Saving face took over next. The potential embarrassment over this cultural debacle and military style coup convinced them some action should be taken. ‘Convinced’ might be a euphemism, saving face after all is seldom a matter of choice, it’s a social trust that measures your integrity. It’s not easily restored once lost.


This leads us full circle to Guanxi. Thinking back to our first class seemingly years ago, we learnt of Guanxi: Chinese relationships. It’s the eastern equivalent of it’s not what you know, it’s who.


This is what got us across the line or border or whatever separates reality from this Kung Fu Kingdom. Some ‘officials’, perhaps government or triads, pulled the necessary strings to make the final preparations for the move.


I’m glad I’ve managed to see and participate in real life scenarios of what we learnt in class. The practical experience, however unplanned it was, has taught be the most about doing business in China.




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