foreign enterprises



“According to the law of foreign-funded enterprises, the establishment of foreign enterprises should benefit the development of our national economy.”


I picked that quote at random, but I only just realised the irony. Someone has paid for me to sit here in this class, perhaps, with the hope I, the metaphor for potential globalisation, will use this experience to perfect my high school business studies theories for the benefit of the Chinese economy.


But I woke up with a lump on my head this morning, I thought it was the liquid leaching hangover on my brain, but that’s only half of it. There’s an actual lump on my head, right in the middle. I’m not sure if I forget how I got it due to alcohol or the blunt force trauma induced amnesia or both.


Either way, it’s unlikely I’ll learn how they expect me to, this pulsating marble of pain between my skin and skull radiates a continuous stream of knowledge into the atmosphere, not in a good way either, it’s like a hole in the ozone layer that grows larger the harder I try to fix it, until it grows so large my brain becomes exposed to the elements, free to leave its homely cranium.


It’s unlikely these ramblings will benefit their national economy, but I’ll come to these classes anyway.





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