Living with Nonagenarians: Part 1


noun \ˌnō-nə-jə-ˈner-ē-ən, ˌnä-\
1. a person who is between 90 and 99 years old

After my return from Asia, at the beginning of this year, I had to make a choice. A few things had changed while I was away, namely my bedroom had changed names, to include my my sister’s name and not my own. I was left with three options: the small room at my Dear Mother’s place, the room far from univerity at my Dad’s or the 2 isolated rooms graciously offered to me by my grandparents attached to the back of their house.So I move in with my Grandparents.

The rent is good, food is plentiful, the sun is shining and this is when my latest adventure begins.



I’ve decided to start writing this new collection of blog posts in honour of my Dear Grandmother, Helen “Nelly Ryan” de la Motte, turning 90 next month along with my increased frustrastion and a larger than ever vault of frustrating stories about living with Nonagenarians. However, despite whatever I may write or rant about, I’m eternally grateful that they’ve let me live with them.



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