Gary Coleman

I’ve seen one or two….

Hold that thought.

My Chinese travel companions just knocked on my door, dressed like ‘North Koreans,’ to inform me that they were going wondering. Nowhere in particular, but my lack of Asian features on this occasion make me especially jealous.

Anyway… I’ve seen one or two children’s performances in my time and let’s be honest, that’s about all they were.


This, today, at the Children’s Palace, was remarkable, well choreographed, expertly executed and creepy. Haunting faces with huge smiles, not like the eyes. An amazing facade that only makes you ponder what is missing. The agony of preparation, those that didn’t make the cut whether by misfortune or substandard ability, they are nothing but a shame to those that even considered supporting them.

But all that aside, perhaps the saddest part is that they know no different. What a life is or could or should be.china2013-1-53



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