24/07/2013 12:26/13:26?

Somehow, the last train ride ended.

We had about an hour and 40 minutes with which we caught a taxi in a circle and get in line for the next.

I’m now reclined on a daytime sleeper. Just before, the train was invaded with uniforms. Those with stern demeanours passed us by; we were thoroughly checked with a smile. He laughed as we pulled random items from our bag, his level of Chinese was about the same as ours.

We had lunch, not inspiring but quite welcome after eating only a banana and 2 Oreos in the last 21 hours.

I’d like to sit and watch those lives speeding past from my window, but I have a bed now. The fan, half a metre from my head, rotates past like a security camera with a cool breath. Each revolution touching me like a hand of sleep, stroking me towards slumber.




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