the other end of the island. part 1

The train ride was bleak, fast but bleak.


The speed may have outweighed the bleakness. I’m not entirely sure, but it did create a strange effect; the blanket of clouds that led all the way to Mountains appeared to continuously warp with an ever changing perspective.


Maybe I wasn’t on a train at all. Maybe I was dreaming.


Because when I woke up it had changed.


Apparently, ninety minutes at three-hundred kilometres per hour can change the temperature by about ten degrees Celsius.


I was very glad that I had packed my speedos.


While my perception of accommodation may have been skewed by the length of tme I’ve resided in Asia as a student, the room was nice.


As were 66.7% (1dp) of my room-mates.


Titans of the beach volleyball world collided, the match betwee Meiguo Coalition v. Team Aoben was truly a doozy.


In the end we all had fun.

So everybody won.

Stay tuned for Part 2.



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