chiang kai shek

Most of my previous Taipei outings were under the cover of darkness. Not by choice, but because of my ridiculous sleeping pattern.

Today, I’m awake and it’s still light outside. I wonder if Taipei looks different in the sunlight?


two days

24/08/2012: Typhoon warning has been issued.

Great, a solid excuse to sit in my room for the duration of the semesterly break, for fear of drowning while waiting for a bus. An event that while still unverified, lingers in the back of my mind.

Initial plans were disrupted, if you could call them plans, they aren’t my forte after all. But, thanks mainly to Paul, we managed to scrape together a couple of days to see a different part of Taiwan not a great distance from the city.

We lit lanterns and bit bees.




taiwanese home cooked meal

It was agreed between Alex and I that we should brush up on our Taiwanese dining etiquette, or rather, should have brushed up as we stood in our Taiwanese friend’s mother’s kitchen attempting not to butcher any task that was presented to us, aside from the Chicken, a real butcher saw to that, I assume.

But I guess by that stage we could also assume that, perhaps, this wasn’t very typical to invite two gweilo’s, who both cannot and have not cooked, for lack of facilities and motivation, to your place to help make the food from a country where they struggle to even order the basics.

But it was great.

No thanks to myself.