grobic’s mirror

As a particular world transformed into another, I was suddenly, although not surprisingly, sitting, chatting to my friend Shyam. Our usual topics: films, in this particular case, dominated the discussion. After some amount of unmemorable conversation he suggested that I watch one named ‘Grobic’s Mirror’. ” Interesting,” I replied. “I’ve never heard of it.” This was indeed interesting, or rather more unusual, considering the work I did as a Clerk at Civic Video Coogee, attempting to memorise every actor/director combination for at least the last 2 decades of films worth watching. But, more unusually, or perhaps more unexpectedly, the next thing I did was wake up.

This was a few days before I left Hong Kong, I guess it was the last dream I had at The Residence from which I can still recall details.

Google yielded no result’s for “Grobic’s Mirror” let alone a reasonable result for Grobic on his own. I say ‘his’ although I cannot know for certain. Shyam pronounced it grow-bic, a surname I presume, for some unlucky fellow of Eastern-European decent, second generation living in New York City. Not many friends, or enemies. He’s somewhat transparent to society.

But all that is just speculation, I’ve never met him, or known it, whatever Grobic is. So I’ve memorialised the idea in the only way I know how.



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