no climbing fences

Abandoned car-park, adrenaline legs, aggressive waiters, the alchemistAlex, the atheist, Aquarius-Virgo, army man, barbed wire, barber shop, beware the fierce dog, big kahuna burger, Brazil – I’ve heard of it, brick-rock, burker durker burger, casual grocery shopping, choice, chuppa-chups, coke, compass, concerned dad, crappest university ever, depressed sunflowers, dial-up-Internet, dingo-dogs, disappeared, don’t touch the wires, eating poo, elephant poo, Emma, everlasting water, exaggerated Birmingham girls, extras on loop, Ezekial, false seat, fat clown Marilyn, favelas, feel your heartbeat, 5 baht flavour, French, frog-bug attack, Gage, the game, gap yah, garden sprinklers, gay experiences, graffiti, grand theft auto, half elephants, hand-stand guy, the heat, hello-kitty stickers, hostel-maze, Inception, Japanese hair, judgemental people, jungle in the school, kangaroo, keep talking, kite temple, laundry, lesbians, little bird business cards, loud-loud, m&m’s, many laughs, map, Matrix, micro-society, monk reading a book, movie sets, movie style motels, murder, no glass in the window, no time checks, not a simile, not listening, ordered singlets, oreos, paedophile-santa-claus passport, pagoda inn headless helmets, pants basically off, Pattaya, pens, pink Herbie, points-not-a-number-like-a-block, possibly-drunk-but-helpful-Kelly, purposeful insect museum, secret garden, security guard taking photos, 7-11 James Bond, shiny reflective wall, silent single file, slippery-dip in a spotlight, slow driving SUV’s, south-west park, sponge, squeaky shoes, stick together, super-long road, telephone booth, those people, 3.5 popes per square kilometre, tiger-cats, tiger-chimp, tiny Buddha up the stairs, tiny palm sized wallet, tourists, trapped in the moat, Truman Show, 23:40, two bells, unnecessary closeness, Vatican city pyramid, Vishnu arms, wash our clothes, water-bottle machine, which ways north, white picket fence, Winnie-the-pooh tree, wires above your head, women’s correctional institute, wonky intersections, yamaha sign, zebra crossing, Zeus-steamboat.



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