I’ve got everything organised. Naturally, the non-believers aren’t here to witness this rare and unusual occurrence. I reached a new low/high on reddit this morning, peaking around 332 posts. Enough with that. I’ve got my coffee, laptop, pens, paper, motivation?


What’s that last one again?

I’ve just looked at the few inches of notes I need to analyse. Not a helping factor. Luckily, they mainly consist of definitions; after all, most of the students here are not native speakers of this language I use for things as trivial as this blog.

An afternoon of perusing should be enough to get the key concepts, that’s the easy part. But memorising lists upon lists, that’s a new thing for me. I could use the old π trick. No, not enough time. Hah, when I say that what do you think? That I’ve pushed myself to the limits cramming and depriving myself of sleep. Because what I really mean is not enough time saved to do what I do, you see. Whatever that may be.

Wow, getting off topic. How strange that that can happen even when you are procrastinating. Anyway.

I’ve got a new trick now. Remember the first and last part of any given piece of information. Enter exam, channel slight adrenaline/caffeine trip into imaginary drum solo and make up the middle part.

Its worked so far. In fact, so much so, that I’m sceptical the other methods will achieve the same result. Maybe it’s not worth my time, which is, after all, ticking by at a ridiculous rate. It’s a sunny day and much of Hong Kong remains unexplored. I’m glad the non-believers aren’t here because you know what? You’ve convinced me. That’s right. Try not to feel bad that it’s your fault I’m not studying today.

Because it is and you shouldn’t and I’m not.

I’ll watch the sunset instead.



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