It’s not often that I impress myself, but I’ve done it again.

I remember the last occasion was in Beijing in early January as we were travelling towards the so called “pearl markets” (aptly named, as it was revealed). I seemed to have also impressed Felix. He gave me a high-five.

This particular event, while of a different nature, has been impressive none the less. I, single-handedly, selected my travel essentials for a week in South Korea with such scrutiny that it seems I have too much space left over; is that even a thing? I don’t care.

Actually, do I? On second thought, will starting on such a high note would leave no room for improvement during the trip? I suspect not, I hope it will be a product of my attitude. Something that I’ve been considering since Melissa gave me a piece of my own advice; shocking at first, but quite refreshing when put into perspective.

“Not with that attitude.”

I’d take a picture of my lack of luggage for you, but a lack of anything seldom makes a decent picture. That, aside from the fact I’ve already packed my camera. Instead, I’ll post this song that came on shuffle while browsing Gustav’s album of our trip to Yangshou. It felt like I was there, reliving the December of a previous era.

It’s a metaphor. Start on a high, go higher.

Coincidently, the title contains a few of the things I’d like to do and a number of places I’ll be visiting at some stage.



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