It’s sufficiently insane, but hear me out.

Alex and I have half a plan to buy a car/van/something and drive to Europe, or maybe by train, I don’t know. Now don’t tell me its impossible/ridiculous/dangerous, because you are probably right and your basic reasoning infuriates me. The key is to simply plan enough to jump in the deep end, but not to do so much research that whatever may be at the bottom scares us away from trying.

Oh man… I just did a little googling.

I wonder what Mum will say.


4 thoughts on “idea

  1. Think she would say…….. make sure you are wearing clean underwear at all times…….just in case!!! and perhaps a clean hankie too (Patty would like that) x

  2. Drive to Europe from China? Shiiiit…
    I remember though that this person who wrote for the USyd student paper did a bus tour from London to Sydney and it was only possible because at that point in time there happened to be political peace in all of the neighbouring countries. Having said that, they still had to hide in the bus when they were going through Afghanistan…
    Where do you find the time for such a trip anyway, Gage?

  3. love the idea!!! just go for it! if u make it to Europe, stop over in Slovakia for a local spirit tasting session 😀 slivovica


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