travel gluttony

Are you hungry? Hah! Good question. The answer is no, but that never stops me.

I’ll eat some of this and that. I might even eat this again, if it’s good. But usually by that stage I’m interested in something else… something else to eat.

I think I’ll blame the lack of routine. Should I? No, I don’t need to justify it. I’ll eat curry for breakfast, I don’t care, I’ll eat it with my hands, it’s delicious. Actually, If I remember correctly it was second breakfast, but that’s aside the point. I’m going to make the most of my fast metabolism while I can.

I didn’t even try satay in Singapore. Sure, I’ve tried satay before but It was recommended! Just like the laksa, char kway teow, carrot cake and pepper crab, that I sampled that meal. I should be more selective in the future.

Damn my first world problems.



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