australianisms (or other things I might say that you don’t understand): part 4

Mate 1: Tomorrow arvo make sure you grab your thongs and boardies, gonna be a scorcher.

Mate 2: Doozy, I reckon we oughta head to the bottle-o before to make it a fair dinkum piss-up!

Mate 1: Goon or long-necks?

Mate 2: I was thinking metho.

Mate 1: You’re a deadset larrikin, you are.

I’ll let you decipher this one yourself. You’re doing well if you can.



Who would have thought? The interwebs are boring me. I’ve been sick the last few days and I’m at that restless stage where my body is tired and my mind is active, or is it visa versa? My eyes hurt from staring at this screen, I’ve done little else today and yesterday. I also slept a solid 9 hours last night, followed by a mandatory 4 hour nap this afternoon. But it’s still hard to tell.

All I know is that for better or worse I passed up the monthly pressure challenge tonight. My less than favourite venue “Fly” tempts its patrons with free drinks until someone leaves or goes to the bathroom. Should it be reassuring to know I can pass up free alcohol? Maybe just that I know my own limits.

Either way, I hope I’m feeling up to ‘it’ this weekend, whatever ‘it’ is, or becomes.

But we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

travel gluttony

Are you hungry? Hah! Good question. The answer is no, but that never stops me.

I’ll eat some of this and that. I might even eat this again, if it’s good. But usually by that stage I’m interested in something else… something else to eat.

I think I’ll blame the lack of routine. Should I? No, I don’t need to justify it. I’ll eat curry for breakfast, I don’t care, I’ll eat it with my hands, it’s delicious. Actually, If I remember correctly it was second breakfast, but that’s aside the point. I’m going to make the most of my fast metabolism while I can.

I didn’t even try satay in Singapore. Sure, I’ve tried satay before but It was recommended! Just like the laksa, char kway teow, carrot cake and pepper crab, that I sampled that meal. I should be more selective in the future.

Damn my first world problems.