the beacon

There’s this place behind the residence, where I live. Its no mountain, but more than a hill. Gustav and I had been up previously, (spontaneously) leaving at 4.50am. As expected, the amount of planning was reflected in photographic evidence.

The disappointment is/was obvious in his body language. So, we called it a nice bonding experience and thought of it no longer.

16 days later, the Sun was out and the sky crystal clear. We had an intense “are you thinking what I’m thinking B1?” moment, but he had to trust me on that one, Bananas in Pyjamas had never aired on Swedish TV, you see. Anyway, all popular culture aside we knew what we had to do.ImageImageImageImage

Edit: Gustav pointed out that ‘Bananas in Pyjamas’ has, in fact, aired on Swedish television. I can only assume that maybe something was lost in translation.


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