pilipinas: first first world probrems

(The following is an actual text message conversation)

Youri: Hey, interested in coming to the Philippines this week?

Me: No.

Me: Actually sure, when are you leaving?

Youri: Tonight.

And before I knew it we were on our way to paradise, ha! Manila Clark? You know that’s not actually Manila?” We do now, but we didn’t then.

bus plane taxi

So we arrive in Sex Touristville, Angeles City, Philippines. Luckily, with the help of a new friend, we quickly find a hotel only to discover, whats that? we have to share a bed! I don’t even know this guy, I think he’s from Canadia.

bus taxi plane taxi

Oh yeah, Cebu! Fun for every Juan! A cosy little town of 3 millio… hang on. Where’s the beach? Oh I see. Cebu is the name of the city in addition to the tropical paradise you get from “Google Images”.

taxi ferry tricycle

Ha, it makes me laugh writing it. But its true.

Then this happened.

And everything else was a first world problem.

motorcycle ferry taxi taxi plane taxi bus desley plane bus home

For the pictures and the trip, Thank you sir. I will repeat your order.



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